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Innovative Finance for Health: Expanding Resources for Greater Impact

The recent outbreak of the deadly Ebola disease in West Africa underscores the importance of timely and sufficient resources to combat epidemics wherever and whenever they occur - as well as to strengthen the overall capacities of health systems in developing countries. While impressive gains have improved the health of citizens of developing countries, traditional sources of funding - primarily from foreign aid and government grants - are clearly insufficient to fully address health challenges worldwide. That is why interest has been growing in innovative ways of mobilizing financial resources to support improved global health outcomes. [Click here to download in PDF]

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The Role of Development Finance Institutions and the Canadian Development Context

Alongside the Post-2015 discussions, a parallel conversation has been taking place on how a new ambitious development agenda will be financed. Donor countries including Canada are exploring new ways to bolster investments in developing countries to align with current development priorities. This summary document highlights the key issues and outcomes that emerged from a half-day roundtable on The Role of Development Finance Institutions and the Canadian Development Context. [Click here to download in PDF]

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