Public Affairs Volunteer- Aga Khan Foundation Canada

About the position

The Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat Visitor Program was first introduced in April 2009 to address the interest from the public in the architecture and activities of the Delegation, as well as supporting the mandate of the building as a space of openness, transparency, and accessibility. Since the beginning of the program, over 50,000 visitors have experienced the unique architecture of the Delegation while learning about the work of Aga Khan Foundation Canada and Aga Khan Development Network, through regularly scheduled open house hours, guided tours, and educational programming. As a volunteer for AKFC and a guide at the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat, individuals are the front line representative of the Delegation as well as Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC), the Global Centre for Pluralism, and the AKDN Diplomatic Office. The main responsibility for this position is to facilitate guided tours of the Delegation and/or Global Centre for Pluralism. In addition to the weekly visitor program, Public Affairs Volunteers will also act as support for programs and special events held at the Delegation. The hours will vary (depending on the event) with daytime, evening and weekend shifts (minimum of 10 hours per month). Training will be provided by AKFC and the Global Centre for Pluralism.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Leading guided tours of the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat and/or Global Centre for Pluralism
  • Tracking visitor attendance and demographics
  • Assisting in the greeting of a broad range of visitors including VIP guests, seniors, and student groups
  • Responding to visitor questions and directing them to additional resources
  • Assisting with AKFC Public Affairs programs and public engagement initiatives


  • Commitment to at least three shifts a month whether in tours, events, or program support.
  • A responsibility to be on time (30 minutes before and after the shift) to disseminate new information and provide debrief.
  • Being patient, polite, hospitable and courteous at all times.

Dress Code

  • No uniforms but all guides are expected to abide by the dress code and consider an attire that matches the personality of the space.
  • Dress code: black, white, and grey clothing.
  • A name tag that is provided to you which you should wear at all times.

To apply for this position, email [email protected] with a copy of your resume and completed application form. You will be expected to attend an on-site training as part of the application review process.

NOTE: This description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Volunteers may be expected to perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.