Food Security and Nutrition

The challenge: Food fuels our bodies and brains. Up to 80 percent of global food is provided by 500 million small farms around the world, and agriculture is the single largest employer in the world today. But global nutrition statistics indicate that almost half of deaths in children under five are linked to poor nutrition, and 790 million people worldwide do not have the calories they need to reach their full potential. These dire circumstances have implications for lifelong well-being and productivity.

Our solution: We invest in food security and nutrition, to ensure that everyone has enough nutritious food, every day of the year. We work with farmers to diversify the crops they produce, provide training on nutrition using local ingredients, and collaborate with governments, business, and communities to develop sustainable, reliable food systems – from field to market to table.

Dispatch from the field: From the field to market in Mozambique

When most of your workdays are spent in front of a computer, it’s easy to forget where the food on your plate comes from. I marvel at the mountains of fresh fruits and vegetables at the market arranged like rainbows, but I overlook the time, dedication, and energy of harvesting crops from the field, especially in an environment that dictates what and how much you will eat.

Meet Nairobi’s Rabbit King: Urban farming in East Africa

This is not your typical African safari.