Apply: Fellowship for International Development Reporting


Fellowship for International Development Reporting

Applications are now closed. Please watch this space for updates.

For general program information and guidelines, visit the main Fellowship page.


To become a Fellow for International Development Reporting, applicants must:

  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • Have at least five years of full-time work experience as a journalist (as a freelancer or staff)
  • Have the commitment of a Canadian media outlet to publish/broadcast the proposed project in English and/or French, within one year of the applicant receiving the Fellowship

How to Apply

Applications are now closed. 

Reporting plan:

The reporting plan includes the story pitch and outlines how the research will be conducted. In no more than 750 words, applicants should describe:

  • the proposed topic and angle;
  • the potential impact of the story and why it is an important story to share with Canadians;
  • how the research will be conducted, including basic travel plans and a timeline;
  • how the project will be disseminated, including news outlet(s) and platform(s) – innovative digital media techniques, such as an interactive or multimedia component, will be considered an asset;
  • how the project will be promoted through social media and other channels;
  • and, why the applicant is best-qualified to undertake this project.


A detailed budget indicating how the Fellowship funds will be used, such as travel, accommodations, local support, and equipment rentals. (Equipment purchases are not eligible.)

Applicants planning to travel to hostile regions are expected to budget for comprehensive health and accident insurance.

Applicants are permitted to use a reasonable portion of the funds as a stipend, however applicants are strongly encouraged to seek support – financially or in-kind – from the proposed news outlet for the project, in order to leverage the Fellowship funds. Any outside support to the project should be noted in the reporting plan, as well as the budget.

Letter of commitment:

The letter must come from a French- or English-language media outlet in Canada, committing to publish/broadcast and promote the reporting project. As noted above, applicants are encouraged to seek support from the news organization beyond this commitment – such as paying the journalist’s salary while on the reporting trip, renting specialized equipment, or otherwise supporting the journalist to make the maximum impact with their project.


A resume of no more than two pages, which clearly demonstrates the applicant’s suitability for the Fellowship.

Work samples:

Up to three work samples in any medium which demonstrate the applicant’s suitability for the Fellowship. Applicants can provide web links to their chosen work samples, and/or provide print work in PDF format. Print work should be provided in PDF format or as a web link. Broadcast or online work should only be provided as a web link (not an attachment).

Letters of reference (optional):

Up to three letters of reference recommending the applicant for the Fellowship. Letters from individuals who have supervised the applicant in a journalistic capacity are preferred.

Applications are now closed. Please watch this space for updates.