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AKFC's programs demonstrate that change is possible when poverty is tackled on multiple fronts, over the long-term, and with communities in charge. 

AKFC believes that lasting change also depends on partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders – from local individuals and communities to local and international businesses, governments and non-governmental organizations. Many of its efforts are undertaken in cooperation with the Government of Canada, through Global Affairs Canada.

Where We Work

AKFC works with the various agencies of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), and other partners, to implement projects on a regional scale in Asia and Africa. With the recognition that locally led processes are fundamental to long-term success, the Foundation focuses its efforts in resource-poor or geographically isolated regions and seeks opportunities for crossborder collaboration. >> Geographic Focus

Our Focus Areas

AKFC focuses its efforts on solving a small number of specific development challenges in rural development, education, health and strengthening civil society.

In Canada

As part of AKFC's work as an effective and accountable partner in international development, it contributes to strengthening Canadian expertise on critical global issues – through relationships with the Canadian government, leading academic and civil society institutions, and the corporate and non-profit sectors.

AKFC also seeks to engage Canadians on issues of international development. These initaitives seek to encourage informed dialogue and action on human development issues, through partnerships with other organizations working in related fields.

The International Fellowship Program provides Canadian professionals 30 and under with firsthand experience tackling poverty and development issues, through advanced training and placements with AKDN agencies and partners in Asia and Africa. The program has proven to be an effective launching pad for diverse careers in the government, non-profit, media and finance sectors.

Every spring, thousands of Canadians across the country lace up their sneakers to participate in AKFC's World Partnership Walk, which has raised more than $82 million since it began in 1985 and has grown to become Canada's largest event in support of international development. Golfers also participate in World Partnership Golf tournaments that raise funds and awareness to fight global poverty. 

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