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AKFC works with Canadian educators to deepen their understanding of global issues and empower them with practical tools and strategies to engage their students to become active global citizens.

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We want to help educators, parents, and students explore issues around international development, the Sustainable Development Goals, and gender equality. As a trusted leader in development for 40 years, AKFC helps you connect young people to the world, with real-world case studies, videos, quizzes, and other activities.  

Here are some of favourite activities from our resources and monthly newsletters.  

Looking at our world. Screen this short video (Home – 2:31) to introduce the concept of our shared planet/home. Follow-up with some questions and activities from our online classroom resource (on page 5). 

Development is complex. Read the fictional story about a woman from Afghanistan, based on real-life challenges that many Afghan women face. Discover that just as problems are complex, so too are solutions.  

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These ambitious goals belong to all countries. We can ensure their success by finding the goals that speak to us and taking action right here in our own communities. 

Test your knowledge. Who doesn’t love a quiz?! This Kahoot activity will help weed out fact from fiction when it comes to gender equality and global development. Click here for the accompanying discussion guide. 

Climate change and food security. Watch a short video and explore issues that inspire budding environmentalists.  

Local to global. You might be ready for a bigger project at home, or maybe your students are working on independent study units. Many community projects can still be done while at home or by connecting with community members online.  

Global citizen quiz. What type of global citizen are you? Take this online quiz to find out what your skills, passions, and interests say about you 

Primary resources. Most of our resources are geared towards secondary students. We know that many younger students are keen global citizens, so here is a list of the primary resources we like. 

For more great activities and lesson plans,

check out our resource:

Inspiring Global Citizens – An Educator’s Guide. 

This free classroom resource is designed for intermediate and secondary school classes to help students understand their roles as global citizens in an increasingly interconnected world. Easily adaptable to the unique needs of your children and students, each unit contains activities that support cross-curricular learning, and incorporates a range of skills-based competencies such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and map analysis. 

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