Access to Quality Care through Extending and Strengthening Health Systems (AQCESS)

Duration: 2016-2020

Location: Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Pakistan

Reach: 1.5 million people (905,249 women and girls; 621,145 men and boys)

Budget: $30.5 million (Global Affairs Canada: $25 million; AKFC: $5.5 million)


AQCESS is improving the health of mothers, pregnant women, newborns, and children in selected regions of Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, and Pakistan.

It does so by supporting:

  • Improved delivery and utilization of gender-responsive, environmentally sustainable, essential health services for mothers, pregnant women, newborns, and children under five years of age.
  • Increased use of health information and evidence by key stakeholders in target regions, such as county governments, the ministry and departments of health, and civil society organizations.
  • Enhanced knowledge and understanding of Canadians on global health and gender equality issues.

AQCESS is estimated to reach approximately 1.5 million people across all four countries, including women of reproductive age, girls and boys under the age of five, men over the age of fifteen and all intermediaries, such as health workers, civil society organization members, and government stakeholders.

Watch this short video about the program: