AKFC’s Global Leadership Program

Whether you’re a project manager in Saskatchewan, a physician in New Brunswick, or an entrepreneur in Nunavut, all Canadians have a role to play in building a brighter global future. 

In a world where interconnectedness is the norm and global challenges require collective action, the need for effective global leadership has never been more apparent. Recognizing this imperative, Aga Khan Foundation Canada is proud to pilot a new Global Leadership Program—an initiative designed to empower Canadian mid- to senior-career professionals to navigate and shape our complex global landscape. 

The Global Leadership Program will bring together a diverse cohort of Canadians from across sectors to explore the forces shaping our world and connect with others committed to a more peaceful, prosperous, and pluralist world for all. ​ 

In preparation for the four-day intensive program, which will take place in Ottawa the first week of March, participants will be busy with pre-reading materials and group coaching sessions. 

The pilot of this new program will focus on the core themes of pluralism, global politics, economic transformation, and global and local development intertwined with the topics of climate change, gender equality, reconciliation, anti-racism, and decolonization.  Sessions will be facilitated by faculty and sector leaders who will draw on the wisdom and experience across cohort participants, resulting in an exchange of ideas and the development of personal insights and practical skills in relation to Canadian global leadership. 

With the program off to an exciting start, the aim is for each participant to complete the pilot with the mindset, skillset, and behavior set to become stronger global citizens and to influence and inspire others.

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