In A Heartbeat: The Volunteers

After I [became a community health volunteer], I wanted to use it to save the lives of women. To save the lives of women, together with the newborn and the children.” 

Joyce is a community health volunteer in a rural area of Tanzania. Volunteers like Joyce provide lifesaving information about maternal and child health, and ensure community members can access the care they need. This film follows Joyce as she makes home and clinic visits to newborns in her community. And in Kenya, we meet another volunteer, Nelly, as she makes a home visit to discuss family planning 

In a Heartbeat features the stories of people who are championing better health in their communities, thanks to programs supported by Canadians. Learn how women and men in Africa and Asia are changing lives, one heartbeat at a time.  

 Aga Khan Foundation Canada invests in support and training for community members and a range of healthcare professionals who are champions for change. With the support of the Government of Canada and thousands of individual Canadians, our programs promote the empowerment of women and girls, and invest in health and nutrition, education, economic inclusion, agriculture and food security, early childhood development, and civil society across Africa and Asia.  

Footage for this film was taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


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