Duration:  2018-2021

Location:  Afghanistan, Pakistan

Reach:  23,275 children

Budget:  $999,104 (GCC: $499,123; AKFC: $499,981)

Teeko is a mobile Android application (App) and web portal that assists government administrators to track and monitor vaccinators and immunization coverage. The App was developed by the AKDN digital Health Resource Centre (dHRC) to increase transparency and accountability of immunization programs. Field-based vaccinators and health workers use Teeko to register and create a health profile for each child (age 0-2 years); record data on each vaccination they administer; take photos of vaccination sessions, as evidence of the vaccine being administered; and monitor vaccine stock at health facilities. The web portal allows administrators to remotely track and monitor field-based vaccinators and access automated reports on immunization progress.

Key activities include:

  • Training health workers to implement Teeko+
  • Incorporating antenatal and postnatal services into the Teeko+ platform
  • Registering 22,961 children in the application and providing 5,783 vaccinations to children in select districts of Pakistan and Afghanistan


Progress Update: 2021

Progress Update: 2023