Design Competition- Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility Questions:

Q: I am currently a high school student but I have been accepted into a college/university program, may I participate in the competition?

A: Unfortunately not, you must be currently enrolled, undergraduate or graduate student in an architecture, civil engineering or design program at a college or university to participate. We will accept high school teams if one of the team members meets the eligibility requirements.

Q: I am a PhD student may I participate?

A: PhD students fall under the graduate student category and may participate in the competition

Q: I am recently graduated but continue to work for my university as a Teach/Research Assistant, may I participate?

A: If you are still enrolled as a student at your affiliated institution you may participate. If you are no longer a student, you, unfortunately are unable to participate.

Q: Do all the participants have to be students?

A: Yes, all participants should be students, we will not accept a team mixed with students and (recent) graduates.

Q: I am currently working between my undergraduate and graduate degrees, may I participate?

A: Only if you are currently in a program may you participate in the competition.

Q: I am currently a co-op student, may I participate?

A: If you are enrolled in an eligible program you may participate.

Q: Can we include members from other fields of study (e.g. Fine Arts)?

A: Yes, as long as there is a least two members from architecture, civil engineering or design program.

Submission Questions

Q: Is there a registration process?

A: No, Please pick a unique five-digit number (see next question)

Q: How do I pick a unique five-digit number?

A: The number can be any number you want, it is unlikely that two groups will be the same but we request that you do not chose simple sequences such as 12345 or repetitions like 11111.
Please ensure that both posters and the Team Information sheet have the number plainly visible, preferably in the top or bottom right corner of each poster and at the top of the Team Information Sheet.

Q: Do you want to see specific information on each of the two A2 panels?

A: It is up to the discretion of the teams to determine how to layout the required information of each poster, we do not have a preference.

Q: Do you have a preference between landscape or portrait format?

A: No, but the two posters should be in the same orientation.

Q: Do you have a required format for the Team Information Sheet?

A: No, please include all required information, include your five digit code and use a clear font (Arial, etc.) of reasonable size (e.g. 12 pt)

Q: Can we write our descriptions and poster annotations in French?

A: Yes, you may submit the poster in French, we have translation services that will translate.

Design Questions

Q: Will electricity be provided to the pavilion site?

A: The pavilion will be wired for electricity. You are welcome to include electrical outlets which might offer the opportunity for particular activities or evening events.

Q: Can projects propose alternative electricity options (e.g. photovoltaic panels, etc.)

A: You are welcome to provide alternatives, please ensure that they work in your general budget.

Q: Do I/we have to use only wood for the pavilion?

A: While wood does not have to be the only material, it is the predominate material. We would prefer if the pavilion has a wood structure as it minimizes cost and the trades required for construction but you may suggest alternatives if they are key to your proposal.

Q: Is the seating permanent; do we have to account for the storage of seasonal furniture?

A: Yes, the seating is fixed and permanent. No you do not have to account for storage of seasonal furniture

Q: For shelter from the rain, is a roof enough or should the pavilion be enclosed

A: A canopy is what is requested. Walls might support the but we do not want an enclosure

Q: Who might use the pavilion?

A: Anyone that visits the Just Food Farm may visit the pavilion – it will be a public space when the Farm is open.

Q: What activities might occur in the pavilion?

A: The Pavilion will be a gathering place. It will hold community events related to the activities of the Just Food Farm inviting visitors to reflect on the importance of local and global issues.

Q: How accurately do I have to estimate the cost?

A: We recognize that this is a student competition and therefore participants will have a range of professional experiences. We request that you endeavor your best to understand the unique elements which will impact cost and that you diagram, draw and maybe technically clarify those key ideas.

We do not need a specific cost plan.

We request that teams submit proposals, which they have designed to be constructed within the allocated budget.