Inspired Girls, changing the world

Khaliya and Kianna Thawer are the team captains of Ottawa’s “Inspired Girls” World Partnership Walk team, a name that was inspired by their school’s motto of inspiring each girl to reach their full potential.

The Thawer sisters, aged 6 and 11, have truly become a source of inspiration in their school. They send emails with the help of their mom and dad, and invite their classmates to join their team. Determined to raise awareness of the Walk, Khaliya lobbied her principal and school administration so she could present at a school assembly. Knowing the value of teamwork, it was important for her sister to join her in this exciting leadership opportunity.

Khaliya and Kianna have been part of the Walk since they were little. Kianna looks forward to it every year. “It’s a lot of fun,” she says, “you get to meet new people, you get to walk with them, and at the end you feel really good.”

For Khaliya and Kianna, World Partnership Walk gives them an opportunity to give back: “Kids in developing countries have to walk a lot to get to their basic necessities, food and water. The least we can do is take one day out of our year to dedicate it to someone else.”

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