“World Partnership Walk helps to open a door to the larger world.” School Team Captain Shreya Gandhi, Victoria, BC.

“We could not imagine that there are places in the world where kids like Sabina don’t have easy access to food, medical treatment, or education. She inspired us to act.” School Team Captain Shreya Gandhi, Victoria, BC. 

First-time School Team Captain Shreya Gandhi feels it is important that young people in Canada understand the challenges of those living in poorer parts of the world: “We need to look past ourselves, and to a greater purpose,” Shreya said.

For Shreya and her sister Riya, World Partnership Walk offers them the opportunity to do exactly that, to look at life beyond their own backyard and to be part of a global movement.

”Working for a cause as worthwhile as this has been fantastic and very rewarding. We hope that we are able to make a small contribution to the fight against poverty.”

The Walk has also given the Gandhi sisters an opportunity to develop and hone their leadership skills. “We are both a little quiet and shy at times, and learning to organize events in our school, delegating responsibility, and communicating with new people pushed us out of our comfort zone!”

Regardless of their humble demeanour, the sisters have certainly risen to challenge and enjoyed showing their peers at school “how easy and important it is to make a difference.”

“Our hope is to make our peers aware of…all the good that can be done with the funds raised. We’d like to show others how to be part of a solution,” said the sisters.

Shreya’s advice to other young people who want to support the Walk and raise funds to fight global poverty, is to be organized and persistent and to take advantage of all the great tools, resources support on hand.

When asked what has stuck with them about the Walk, Shreya and Riya pointed to Walk Day 2016 in Victoria. One moment at the end of the Walk gave them a true sense that they are part of a larger movement.

“There were hundreds of people, walkers, and supporters, and we felt a great sense of unity and belonging. [A]ll we could think was, ‘Wow!’ To know that we are making a difference together is an incredible feeling.”

Check out the Walks’s 2017 fundraising toolkit for great resources to engage your school, university, college, family, friends or co-works in World Partnership Walk and fighting global poverty.


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