In A Heartbeat: Reporting for Duty

“Since I was seven, that was my dream. To become a nurse. I had a grandfather who was also a nurse so that motivated me even more.” 

Since Olga was seven years old, she dreamed of growing up to become a nurse like her grandfather.She recently graduated from the Pemba nursing school, with a goal of working to save the lives of women and their newborns. Our investments in the nursing school in Pemba, Mozambique have helped teachers provide a better education for aspiring nurses – particularly those specializing in maternal and neonatal care. 

In a Heartbeat features the stories of people who are championing better health in their communities. Learn how Canadians are helping communities in Africa and Asia drive progress – and how these women and men are changing lives, one heartbeat at a time.

Aga Khan Foundation Canada invests in support and training for community members and a range of healthcare professionals who are champions for change. With the support of the Government of Canada and thousands of individual Canadians, our programs promote the empowerment of women and girls, and invest in health and nutrition, education, economic inclusion, agriculture and food security, early childhood development, and civil society across Africa and Asia.  

Footage for this film was taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


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