Learning During A Pandemic

We helped governments create resources and toolkits to help students continue learning beyond the classroom. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted learning and education systems, teachers, parents, and community members stepped up to the challenge, ensuring that children can continue learning.

Research on early childhood development tells us how important the first few years of life are to a person’s capacity to grow, learn and succeed over their lifespan. With support from Global Affairs Canada and the LEGO Foundation, we helped governments in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda create resources and toolkits to help students continue learning beyond the classroom, encourage parents and caregivers to become more involved in their children’s education, and support educators in adapting to new environments.

Video Resources

Our Stories

Hear stories from teachers, parents, and community members about how the pandemic affected their lives, and how they adapted with resilience and optimism.

Activity videos

Here are some short videos on different activities to help children learn inside and outside of the classroom!



Night-Time Tales, a nationwide television programme for children, was created through a partnership with Nation Media Group in Kenya.



Adventures of Bena and Kena is a short animated series showing the life of two siblings in the midst of a global pandemic.


Print Resources



For children 

Early Years Learning Playkit Primary Learning Playkit Learning Playkit Posters

Let’s Make A Toy!


Maria and the Tin Can Telephone


Newspaper Activities



For teachers and school administrators

Back-to-school Guide Rapid Assessment: Educational Materials Situational Analysis: A Case Study


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