International Development Education and Awareness (IDEA)

Duration: 2022-2027  

Location: Canada  

Reach: 5,000 educators and 1,360,000 youth 

Budget: $6.1 million CAD (Global Affairs Canada: $5.8 million GAC; AKFC: $300,000)


International Development Education and Awareness (IDEA) will enhance the engagement of Canadians especially youth (aged 12 to 18) in Canada and improve their access to, and use of, equitably distributed global citizenship learning products, resources, and opportunities. Activities include, but are not limited to: 

  • Engaging youth through digital platforms by co-developing innovative mass media campaigns, school programs, extracurricular activities, and youth-focused organizations
  • Creating opportunities for youth to engage as emerging leaders, through activities and experiential learning opportunities.
  • Equipping and empowering educators to incorporate global citizenship themes into the classroom, through designing and delivering learning products, curriculum resources and maps and creating memorable experiences that include professional learning opportunities.

Special emphasis will be placed on the Feminist International Assistance Policy, Canada’s role in the world in promoting gender equality and climate change adaptation, and Canadians’ role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.  

A sector-wide community of practice, comprised of non-governmental organizations, government, private sector, and media will also be formed to coordinate Canadian global citizenship education activities, leverage networks, and support sector-wide complementary campaigns and initiatives.