Five objects our youth fellows won’t leave behind

June 8, 2016 – This summer, 12 accomplished young Canadians will take flight around the globe. They will spend eight months putting their energy and skills to use in the developing world, working in fields from microfinance to education to journalism.

Visit our photo gallery to discover which cherished items our newest cohort of fellows will bring along for the journey, and why.

Strength in numbers: the AKDN’s global impact

June 8, 2016 – Rooted in the developing world, the AKDN’s unique structure brings together a diverse range of expertise committed to improving the quality of life. By combining the efforts of the AKDN’s multiple agencies – from commercial enterprises to social services to cultural and environmental agencies – we equip communities with the tools and knowledge they need to drive change that makes a lasting impact.

But what does all that really mean? Watch this video to discover how the AKDN is working to improve the quality of life for tens of millions of people across the globe.

Paying it forward: Derek’s story

May 16, 2016 –When Derek Gent spotted a promotional poster for AKFC’s International Youth Fellowship Program at the University of Victoria more than 20 years ago, he never could have guessed what was to come.

Some months later he found himself in Bangladesh, savouring “fish heads, starting with the eyeballs, and crunching the bones for protein, specially reserved for [him] as an honoured guest (and no utensils)”.

Smart Global Ideas on Higher Education and Development

May 16, 2016 – Inclusivity, Innovation, Diplomacy. With these three words, His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, issued a challenge to an audience of more than 200 people in Ottawa. 

Gathered for the opening of the Smart Global Development conference on April 13 at the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat in Ottawa, His Excellency’s challenge inspired the audience to tackle key questions of higher education and its role in reducing global poverty. 

2016 Launch of Together: An exhibition on global development

May 15, 2016 – April 28, 2016 marked the successful launch of AKFC’s Together exhibition in western Canada.  Over 120 people celebrated the launch at CBC studio in Vancouver by experiencing storytelling presentations from four exemplary global citizens.

The Smart Global Development conference brings great global minds to Ottawa

April 11, 2016 – A lecture hall, a research lab, a textbook: each of these is a powerful tool to combat poverty around the world.

Universities are hubs of knowledge and innovation, poised to unleash new opportunities and drive growth.

But despite this potential, the international development community has made limited investments in higher education in the Global South – particularly compared to support for primary education and basic health care.

“I was shocked in the best way possible”: A Trip to East Africa

March 8, 2016 – Amaan Ismail recently took part in AKFC’s annual Awareness Trip. He visited AKFC projects in Mozambique and Tanzania with a group of seven AKFC volunteers and staff. Amaan is a top fundraiser for AKFC’s World Partnership Walk and has volunteered for the Aga Khan Development Network in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. We interviewed Amaan to get his take on the projects he visited in East Africa.