Broadening Economic & Social Transformation for Women’s Economic Empowerment & Recovery (BEST4WEER) 

Duration: 2021-2026 

Location: Pakistan 

Reach: 566,097 people, including 494,856 women and adolescent girls 

Budget: $20.16 million (Global Affairs Canada: $17.41 million, AKFC: $2.75 million) 


While the impacts of COVID-19 were felt around the world, these were exacerbated for women and girls, particularly in the Global South. According to the UN, public health crises, especially involving large periods of quarantine, have been shown to not only increase the rates of gender-based violence, but also reduce women’s inclusion in income generation and community leadership.  

BEST4WEER aims to improve women’s social and economic empowerment during the process of COVID-19 recovery and rebuilding in Gilgit-Baltistan province and the Chitral district in Pakistan. Using a whole community approach by engaging traditional leaders, families, market actors, employers, civil society, government members, and elected officials, the program will create an enabling environment for women’s empowerment and agency during COVID-19 recovery. The program will also challenge social and gender norms around the roles women and men can play in society, markets, workplaces, and households. 


Progress Update: 2023