It takes a village

Our future is in the hands of today’s children.

We were all once children. We were all once young, full of hope and potential.

What we may not have noticed at the time were the many people in our lives who helped us to thrive. From parents to teachers, community leaders to healthcare providers—it takes a village to raise a child.

Every child is born with potential. Potential to grow, potential to learn, potential to set goals and succeed. But many children around the world lack the support they need to unlock that potential.

That’s why, for over 35 years, Aga Khan Foundation Canada has partnered with communities and individuals across Africa and Asia to build a strong foundation for the next generation.

We help train midwives and community health volunteers to ensure mothers and babies are healthy throughout pregnancy and beyond. Watch.

We support research to strengthen global efforts to combat undernutrition in the early years. Read (English only)

We empower new parents with the tools they need to provide the best start for their children.  Watch.

We equip teachers with the training and resources to strengthen the quality of education in the classroom.  Read.

We help communities identify innovative ways to address the gendered barriers to education, ensuring that girls and women have the opportunities to reach their full potential. Read.

We foster tomorrow’s leaders by investing in higher education. Listen. (English only)

We work with farmers and community leaders, to ensure everyone has sustainable access to nutritious food.  Watch.

Our future is in the hands of today’s children. By supporting the individuals, communities, and institutions that nurture them today, we are building a more peaceful, prosperous, pluralist, and equal world for tomorrow.