Foundations for Education and Empowerment (F4EE)

Duration: 2020-2027

Location: Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda

Reach: 1.8 million people (952,641 F, 942,391 M)

Budget: $57.6 million (Global Affairs Canada: $49 million, AKFC: $8.6 million)


Foundations for Education and Empowerment (F4EE) aims to improve educational systems at the pre-primary and primary level, in addition to strengthening women’s empowerment and gender equality. The program will address the gender, social, cultural, and economic barriers that women and girls face in accessing education, making life decisions, and improving their equitable learning outcomes as key steps to exercising their basic human rights.

F4EE is made up of three integrated components:

Foundations for Learning (F4L)

A strong education system channels energy and brainpower towards a better future. But around the world, significant gaps in education translate to a world where people of all ages are left out of opportunity and do not reach their full potential as adults. Foundations for Learning (F4L) will train and equip students, teachers, school leaders, families, communities, civil society organizations, and government leaders with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values needed to promote more gender-responsive and pluralist quality education systems in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Advancing Gender Equality through Civil Society (AGECS)

Girls and women often face social barriers in accessing financial resources, health, education, and other sustainable development services that keep them locked in cycles of generational poverty. By providing capacity strengthening for local civil society organizations working on gender equality and women’s empowerment, including targeted support to women’s organizations, AGECS will address the socio-cultural barriers within each program country that hold women and girls back from advancing gender transformative change.

Advancing Canadian Champions for Development (ACCD)

Canadians have a critical role to play in international development, as global citizens. ACCD will advance their knowledge and awareness of issues related to delivering quality education in Africa – alongside a range of other issues and themes in global development – through a collection of signature initiatives that offer Canadians a pathway towards enriched levels of engagement and commitment.

Through these components, F4EE will:

  • Strengthen the delivery of quality, gender-responsive, and inclusive pre-primary and primary education, and other social development services.
  • Reduce gender and social barriers to the utilization and uptake of education and other sustainable development services.
  • Engage international and Canadian stakeholders in gender-sensitive and evidence-based research, dialogue, and development programming.

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Progress Update: 2023